The Xayah cosplay project

Lately i have had massive amounts of xayah orders so i thought id do a blog update of how i put my first one together ad i get through many more in the future im sure my process will evolve and change but for now heres how I did it 🙂

I started with the dress my firat attempt i layered material and cut it back but i found it was very heavy and didnt have the look i wanted so i instead pinned into the material her criss cross pattern and sewed it in it was much lighter and had the right kind of look i was hoping for

I stiched in the orange thread detail around the skirt bit and then moved onto the hood

I got the iron on vinyl from coscraft in silver and made up the pattern needed for the hood

Next onto the feathers oooh soooo many feathers…. From other makers online and cosplayers posts about their own made xayah costumes the common complaint was how heavy the feather cape is most of theirs looked like they were made of foam so i went on the hunt for silk like material in the right kind of colours to make the feathers out of

I did the stem out of foam and sandwiched it between a pinky purple and a darker purple silk material i sewed where the stem is and proceeded to cut in the details into the cut outs

I lightly ironed on some silver trasfer to the stem to give some separation between the stem and feather

Next was the ears we 3d printed the core shape of the ears and covered them in a sock made of fur ensuring the tips are white and sewing up the bottoms so it stays on

My other half at dymonds loot cave then designed and 3d printed her shoylder skull which i painted and stuck feathers to it

And also designed the feet and printed them

She also wears gauntlets which i made of Eva foam from polypropsltd

I leathered up the strips by heating foils and pressing into 2mm foam and cutting them into strips

I primed them in 3 layers of modpodge and painted in acrylic

And shes ready to go and be worn can’t wait to get some photos back of this back

Hope this can help some other people with rheir cosplay makes

For more cosplay projects progress can visit my page

Much love

Lala ❤


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