Mercy from overwatch build

Lately there has been a massive increase in the want of overwatch cosplays i’v had so may requests that I am gradually working through its unreal my favourite so far has been my mercy build

I started buy doing the body suit I cut vibrant yellow material to a sleeve pattern and then dip dyed it orange and red left to dry then attached to the black body suit… I then got white pvc material and painted on the mercy logo and cut the shoulder peice shape and attached to the dip dyed sleeve…

I cut 2 Hip-floor length of orange material and made a clip belt to attach them too…

I then decided to move onto the armour side of mercy

Yeeey the fun bit!!! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ 

I molded the worbla over a fiberglass maniquin and cut to the shape of her front armour peice 

I added on the shoulder peices and then base coated in primer then a resin called xtc3d and spray coated in white gloss…safe to say was extremely fumed out by the end of this process haha šŸ˜‚ I used acrylic to put on the extra details then moved onto constructing the wings 


I primed and sprayed them gloss white many many cans of spray were required to get good coverage

I’d already installed plumbers pipe locks into the back peice for them to attach to 

I them weathered and painted on the details till I got to a point I was happy with the finish

I had to do a few touch ups of the back peice as there was some over spray when doing the wings (joy of living in small spaces doing big projects) 

I then did the halo using foam as the main structure and covered in worbla and attached to a headband for suport 

After the halo I then made her staff out of a wooden pole and foam with details from reference photos carved in šŸ™‚

But there it is the walk through of how I made my mercy build sadly it was only a week till she went to her new owner the amazing Charlie who totally rocked the cosplay ā¤

Thanks for reading and i hope this helps with other people’s mercy builds or if you would like me to make you one get in touch via my Facebook page
Much love 

Lala ā¤ 


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