The armour quest…

Today I thought I’d share the little bit of worbla armour I started on today for A demon hunter cosplay. I got this rush of energy and for the last 4 hrs i’v been working on this one peice sculpting and shaping it i haven’t even primed it yet!! these things take such time haha

I started by cutting out the foam peices needed for the smaller shoulder armour of this whole project (start small get bigger challenge later)

I measured and stuck them together as necessary needed for this first stage to make the slight curve in the under Ones and the big top plate will shape after the worbla is on.

I then added details using a hot glue gun a screwdriver and a gougey tool that’s ment for clay….so professional me and my make shift ways of adding detail haha 😂 

I then cut out 2 bits of worbla that are slightly bigger then the foam and proceeded to whip out my heat gun of doom to get that thermoplastic doing what I need it to 

The heat takes the form of whatever your molding it to and when it cools forms a strong solid shape fantastic stuff!!

I heat it up over an army style helmet so it would take the round bulb like shape of it

 I still had the edges left on the shoulder peice so I got out anouther one of my fave tools the dremal and went to town on them edges until nice a smoothe

Once the edges were looking good and I was looking like a dust monster

I then used the heat gun to tidy up the seams of the worbla and further shape it as necessary until i eventually had something that looked like this….

To me it’s still not perfect or ready for priming but when your other half informs you it’s gone midnight and i probably shouldn’t be using loud power tools because of the neighbours I thought I’d stop here for now and go to bed….and write a blog post on it 😂…. Because who needs sleep these days right? Haha

Many thanks for reading and i hope you join me for making the rest of the armour but until then nighty night sweet dreams

Much love Lala ❤ 



Twitter- @lalascosplay 

Tumblr- @lalas-cosplay-wonderland 


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