So It Starts, The New Beginning -Cosplay And Beyond

So i’v had a rough time lately and only just started to truely pick myself up again so i apologise for the silence in the blog but i’v been trying to crawl out of the dark space that has been my head of late…

I completely quit mainstream work as my mental health was getting worse from doing it as much as I loved doing care work, doing live in care was extremely difficult for me and I struggled to balance myself with the carework and ended up loosing myself in the weeks of looking after someone to a point I felt lost and trapped…. And it took a breakdown, stomach issues, a continuing course of anti depressants and a puppy for me to start to have focus again and realise what I was doing was not what I wanted in life i needed to roll out of bed stop crying and just fucking go for it…. I realised that If I only live once I want to do the things I dream of doing and try to make my own unique future to look back and be proud that I at least tried…. 

I mentioned my new puppy I’d like to introduce you all to baby maverick 

So i took the plunge with some exta help, my amazing other half turned the spare room in the back of the boat into a workshop for my new endeavour, I’m going to turn my one true passion in life into my career… From here forward I am Lala, the girl in her own wonderland… building props and sewing together exciting costumes and harnesses not just for herself but now for many other people too, making their cosplay dreams a reality and spreading the love, doing the one thing I enjoy the most and literally make it life…

The picture ubove is my workshop it’s not much but it’s What I need for now until things get alot bigger and the extra space is needed haha

So I now take on Comissions aswell as pre-make cosplays and props to sell online and hopefully in the future sell at cons and have my brand grow so at least hopefully one day I’m heard of… 

Lalas cosplay wonderland
I’m taking on all projects and im doing a lot of things at low prices so I can build a portfolio of work to show off what I can do…. At the moment it’s the case of I know I can do it but I don’t have the evidence to show you that I can haha
LalaswonderlandStore on @Etsy
Instagram is- lalascosplaywonderland 

Ill try to blog as much as I can about new projects… How to guides and updates on events etc….

But for now it’s 1.20am and i really should try sleep as i’v got a busy day making Harley quinns, a demon hunter and a furr suit tomorrow…. Well today now…. So sweet dreams every one and thank u for reading my rambles and groans….but now forward a lot of cheer and excitement about life

Much love

Lala ❤ 


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