Snotzilla! Gandalf! And krull? (it’s not a spell chant don’t worry)

So I’ve spent the last few days as snotzilla, i’v produced so much gunk from my nose I could use the tissues I used to blow my nose to make a matress. My nose is sore and clown like and my throat still hurts when I swallow thank you illness u have exhausted me….

As a live in carer it’s not easy to just phone in sick and not come to work because u live at ur work while on placement and to be honest I wasn’t bad enough to go home or be a high risk it’s just a plea for some sympathy me blabbing on about being ill… but i must say my lovely chappy has been very tolerant of my bellowing nose and coughing fits and forgiven me when I run out the room and hid while I sorted myself out. He spent most the time laughing and picking on me *haha*
But thankfully snotzilla is retreating back to the depths from once it came and im starting to feel human again and getting back to my usual self.

My amazing man dymond moved in this week and has been a very busy boy doing the place up and fixing things tht probs should have been sorted a year ago, hes very good with his hands and been building a double sided shelf and walk-in wardrobe from scratch for extra storage sending me pictures as updates as I’m sadly missing his first week of living with me as I’m currently at placement ( 18 more days till it feels like we live together) but he has visited a couple of times which we normally wouldn’t have been able to do before when he lived in the south. This is an exciting step forward and im excited for our future together ❤
He also dropped off my cosplay case to play with/ make things in any spare time at night I may get, so i’v been able to start my sexy gandalf cosplay ready for October mcm expo I’ve made a hat and cloak so far just the dress left to make next.

Also got to try out a finished krull from the manga/anime owari no seraph which fits great and looks awesomes.

Life is good, the snotzilla is starting to leave me to put non slouch clothes and make up back on and my cosplay making is back in action! …  The only thing thts bad is the roots starting to majorly show in my hair which I hope to fix soon plus hopefully go my bright colours again soon :3 

Thanks for reading 

Lala ❤


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