Pirate Ivy and harley quinn

One of my favourite cosplays done so far was a joint effot one with my friend peach… our pirate style Ivy and Harley…

We spent a lot of fun day and late night working on these, the many layers of the bustle and the hemming of all the edges, the re thinking of how to make our ideas work…preparing for the key issue of what if it’s really hot on the day? there’s so many layers and such thick material! We will be dripping! *Haha*

And the panic of the frilly pants! as someone who isn’t always confident about my body, as I fluctuate a lot between average and chubby, part of the design was these tiny frilly white pants like burlesque dancers wear. The lead up to con I went into panic mode and refused to eat anything but soup and milkshake as a last minute weightloss frenzy, expecially as this con was also the con I made the decision to cosplay my favourite film character leeloo from fifth element and all she wore was bands of tape around intimate areas. (it was a rather revealing con *haha*) i tell u this the one thing I learnt from it was it’s always worse in ur head then it is in real life!

The day came round and me and peach woke up mega early excited and nervous as we did ourself up in our room at the sunbourne hotel, we squeezed eachother into the corsets unable to breathe like a real human and did our makeup… strapped on the last minute details to our cosplays and stood together infront of the massive mirror in our room… We looked epic and felt epic…

Going down the elevator excited to get to the excel and wonder round at all the nerd stalls, we stepped out onto the green and people flocked us for pictures! we realised it was going to be a long time till we actually reached the excel as so many amazing wonderful people came up to talk to us about the cosplay and take pics and it was a great moment of achievement that filled (I think say) both of us, to have created something that even till this day very proud of and people seemed to appreciate… It’s what makes it all worth while (other then the self confidence tht comes when putting it all on) and the frilly pants weren’t an issue I didn’t really think about them all day till the end wen Ivy leaves seemed to have magicly ended up in them and was starting to get a tad uncomfortable *haha*

I think what made it extra special was the fact it was done together with peach. It was something we were both proud of and could share in the experience together and later still look back and think yer we worked bloody hard on that and we looked epic!

Much love peach

And thank u peeps for reading

Lala ❤




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